All skill levels are welcome

Weekly Tuesday Night Drop In Class

No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced improviser, our Tuesday night classes offer something for all levels in a welcoming, all-inclusive fashion. Our classes will not only teach performance skills, but many exercises help you break out of the every-day and become more confident in your personal and professional lives. Plus we laugh. A lot.


Workshops and Advanced Classes

Crave more training? We thought you might be. Carpinteria Improv also offers workshops for actors, business people, and advanced improvisers. In fact, in addition to our planned workshops, we can create a fully immersive improv experience for you and your corporate team. Bring your whole staff to the Alcazar Theatre and we will customize an unforgettable experience for your entire organization.

Shows and Performances

One of the most fun theater events people can attend is a well-produced improv show. Showcasing players from our drop in classes to in-house teams and guest teams, our shows are sure to delight and tickle your funny bone. Plus, get ready because our shows are highly interactive where the audience is a major part of the evening’s fun.

The Headlines

Classes every Tuesday night from 7-9 pm
Doors open at 6:45
$10 cash at the door

“The right choice is often the brave choice.”

— Will Hines


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